Board Portal vs. Board Management

In the 21st century, everything around us is changing at breakneck speed, all we have to do is get used to it and adapt. So, thanks to the development of new technologies, many business principles have changed. Programs have appeared that help to improve many business processes, and board portal and board management are some of them.  In this article, we will compare this two software to find out how they differ or are similar, and also talk about their main functions.

Board Portal vs. Board Management: Is there a difference?

Board Portal and Board Management are cloud-based software solutions used to simplify and optimize board processes. The goals of both programs are insanely similar. They also have pretty much the same features, but there is still some difference between them. The fact is that the board portal is more focused on helping board members make important decisions for the company. It provides them with all the tools that would make their work faster and more efficient. In turn, the board management focuses more on helping the management team organize the board. To make it easier to trace this difference we propose to look at the responsibilities of board members and the board of directors.

So, the duties of the board of directors include:

  • Electing the CEO and hiring (or firing) other employees for management positions
  • Drafting and approving new policies
  • Adopting policies and decisions that are important to the company
  • Tracking and monitoring performance
  • Serving as outside counsel

Management Responsibilities:

  • Creating and approving operational policies
  • Making operational decisions
  • Providing board members with all necessary and relevant information
  • Comfortably structuring and organizing all documentation
  • Quality maintenance of all documents, recommendations, and information to provide it to the board of directors later

If you haven’t seen any difference between board portals and board management, you can see the difference here. So if you’ve been wondering which of these two products to buy, it all depends on your desires: do you want to focus more on the onboard organization or the process itself?

The main features of the Board Portal

So, as mentioned, board portals make it easier for board members and try to save them time and speed up the process. It does this by providing features such as:

  • Full-text search -to find exactly what you need among thousands of documents in seconds
  • Voting and Polling – helps everyone express their opinion and come to a unanimous decision faster
  • Convert Word / Excel / Powerpoint to PDF
  • Good video conferencing tools – to effectively conduct meetings even online
  • Useful collaboration features -editing, comments, notes, everything to improve board member communication

And that’s not all the board portal has to offer.

Main features of Board Management

Board Management provides more extensive features to streamline board management. It simplifies the work of organizers and helps get board materials ready in minutes. Its main features are:

  • Automatic agenda – create an agenda for in a couple of minutes and upload it to the digital whiteboard space, all directors will be notified of the update and they can all study it anywhere and anytime
  • Automatic notifications – if you had to correct something in the agenda, you do not need to bother with retyping the document, you just need to edit the document and everyone else is guaranteed to get a notification about it
  • Calendar -Organize your meeting place and time with a calendar. It’s integrated with the automatic reminder function, so the chances of something going wrong are extremely small.