Nasdaq Boardvantage board management software Review

Nasdaq Boardvantage is a widely-known board software that has been recognized at the global market level.  Boardvantage is recognized as one of the most favorable board portal offerings compared to other vendors. But that’s not all of its merits, it also offers unique features and useful tools. In this article, we will explain in more detail the features of the Nasdaq Boardvantage and whether it is really worth buying.

Boardvantage Overview

Based on customer feedback, we can assume that Boardvantage is great for organizing boards in an online format. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to organize a board book, and its use will bring indescribable benefits to your company.

Organizing and structuring folders also make the administrator’s job easier, as the portal offers bulk upload functions while maintaining your existing folder structure. Users can also use the e-signature, contact management, and information organization functions within the program. The manager of the board can arrange polls for quick and unanimous decisions, both on minor issues and organizational matters as well as on more serious decisions.

The interface of the program is simple and convenient, even users with minimal skills in using new technologies can easily understand the functions and work of the program. The flexibility of the portal helps to use it from any device and at any time of the day.

It’s also worth mentioning that the provider offers its customers a choice of two solutions:

  • Director Boardvantage is a solution that simplifies the management and organization of documents by automating processes and allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It also has voting and e-signature capabilities
  • Boardvantage MeetX – This option is a more comprehensive solution, and its main difference is the graphical interface and the fact that the program puts a greater emphasis on providing information to executives.

Key Benefits of Boardvantage

Boardvantage is a unique solution that is very useful both during a board meeting and for doing preliminary organizational work. The main features of this board portal are:

  • Ability to use the program on all operating systems and devices. So you can access the information you need even when you are on the road
  • A responsive customer service. You can use a cell phone, email, or online chat to get in touch with them
  • The ability to digitize the entire board process allows you to get rid of unnecessary costs for consumables (paper, printing, etc.) This is very environmentally friendly and saves your time
  • High-level security that meets the strictest European security standards and uses modern data encryption methods
  • It is possible to use the free demo version before you buy the product and the provider offers several tariff options, the price will depend on the offer you choose
  • Excellent management tools – a digital calendar to set the date and time of the appointment, secure document exchange, and useful collaboration tools (editing, comments, the ability to leave notes both private and public)
  • Role-based access control – the administrator assigns roles to each council member, and in accordance with it, other members will have restrictions and capabilities of the level to which they are allowed by their roles

Boardvantage is one of the most renowned and leading suppliers of board portals today. Accordingly, the program offers only the best solutions and the necessary tools for holding meetings. Go to paperless business mode, protect your data by uploading it to a safe space, customize access and organize it in your own way.